AxTraxNG Line of Controllers Has Received Notice Of Completion and Authorization To Apply The UL294 Mark

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Rosslare, a long-standing access control systems industry leader, has announced that its portfolio of Networked Access Controllers under the brand “AxTrax” has been awarded the prestigious UL 294 STANDARD FOR ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM UNITS – Edition 7 and the revisions up to October 8, 2018.

On the 30th of October 2020, Rosslare was awarded UL-294 7th Edition for its Networked Controllers – under the filing with reference number BP9264 filed with UL international and available online on the UL Site.

This brings our controller line of products up to date with the most relevant UL industry standards.
While Underwriter’s Laboratories offer a range of ‘UL Symbols’ that can be interpreted to signify different standards, in the case of UL 294, the mark looks as follows:

Below is a list of  Rosslare’s UL-294 controller models:

  • AC-215-BU, AC-215IP-BU, AC-225-BU, AC-225IP-BU access control units AC-215-DIN, AC-215IP-DIN, AC-225-DIN, AC-225IP-DIN, control board PM-10, power management board; ME-1015-U, enclosure. Two alternate power supplies as follows:
  • Two alternate power supplies UL Listed to QQGQ for use with access control panel AC-825IP-U, AC-825IP-PCBA and ME-1515-U Enclosure as detailed below (QQGQ/7) E302944 – Shenzhen Flypower Technology Co Ltd, model PS65B150Y40000. (QQGQ/7) E303985 – Shenzhen Fujia Appliance Co Ltd, Model SW20171504000D.
  • Currently UL Listed models to UL 294 7th Edition IFR: AC-225U, AC-225IPU, AC-225 or AC-225IP control board, PS-33 power supply board, MD-D02 and MD-IO84 expansion modules. AC-825IP, D-805, P-805, R-805, S-805, ME-1515.

Nir Michaeli – Rosslare’s Director of Product management said “The UL 294 is a safety standard where testing proves that system components can be assembled and operate reliably without hazard.  It attests that the system will not harm the safety or impede egress of those using the system. Rosslare has taken this ‘extra step’ to ‘prove’ this equipment is safe, giving it a ‘mark of assurance’ which sets it apart from more dubious equipment. Now with the UL Mark, we are set to continue our fast growth through expansion into new verticals.”

Performance Tests

UL 294 includes several tests that evaluate how well devices withstand damaging environments. Devices are subjected to atypical electrical, environmental, and brute force situations, including:

Variable Voltage

Variable Ambients (Environment)


Tests are performed individually and are not ‘layered’ or ‘stacked’ simultaneously as might occur in the field.  Regardless of the ‘safety’ overtures, like UL certification for surveillance equipment, 294 is primarily used to exclude non-compliant systems from specifications. UL 294 evaluation is not mandatory for Access Equipment, and many vendors forego the cost of certification especially when their offerings are not well suited for larger government, institutional, and hospital verticals where 294 is commonly cited.

Likewise, while the mark’s testing ‘proves’ that devices are safe, the onus remains on the field technician to install them in the correct fashion in order to live up to the certification.


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