Securing Modern
Clean Rooms

In the tightly-controlled environment that is the modern clean room, the concentration of airborne particles must be strictly controlled in order to eliminate the sub-micron airborne contamination that is generated by people, process, facilities and equipment. Additionally, clean rooms must maintain strict environmental control including temperature, humidity, noise, and air pressure.

Rosslare’s comprehensive and advanced clean room management solutions enable pharmaceutical companies, universities, banks, hospitals, laboratories, research institutions and others to safely, efficiently and cost-effectively manage and control their mission-critical clean environments.

To ensure the security of such critical and high-risk areas, Rosslare has developed specialized clean room solutions that offer maximum access flexibility, while enabling access control policy with complete audit trails and ensuring interlock between doors. Rosslare’s systems offer significant cost savings by lowering the need for expensive PLCs (Programmable Logic Circuits) – replacing them with easy-to-configure devices and software.

Clean Room Management Features

Application Diagram

Proximity reader


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Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Switch


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Electromagnetic Lock


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Networked Controller


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Mobile Credential

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