Cookies Policy

Rosslare uses Cookies and similar technologies in Rosslare’s website.

The cookies Rosslare uses are of the session kind, including:

  • has_js (session) – Used by the site’s framework to determine if javascript is enabled.
  • _hjIncludedInSample (session) – Used to let Hotjar know whether that visitor is included in the sample which is used to generate Heatmaps, Funnels, Recordings, etc.
  • Rosslare might add, remove or change the Cookies with a notice in our Cookies Policy.


In order to improve our marketing activities, Rosslare use Google Analytics and Hotjar to analyze our visitors’ behavior on an anonymous and aggregate level.

Third parties that are permitted to install and access third-party cookies on Rosslare’s website are:

Google Analytics

In order to improve the use of the website by the user, Google Analytics is a tool Rosslare use to log information about visits and site visitors for our web statistics. Google Analytics uses cookies on Rosslare’s website. For more information please read on Google Analytics’ website.

Social Media Widgets

In order to allow You to post content from our website to various social platforms Rosslare’s website may use interface with social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Rosslare is not responsible for the privacy policy and cookies policy of these third parties. Rosslare recommend You to review their privacy policy.

Option to Opt- Out

When first entering to Rosslare’s website, Your initial consent will be required to accept cookies. You will be able to change these settings on following visits. Please note that You will not be able to opt out of receiving certain cookies that are strictly necessary for the delivery of a service requested by You. Additionally, be aware that some functions of Rosslare’s websites depend on cookies and may not work if You do not accept cookies. For more information about cookies used on the website


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