Enabling Financial Services Growth

As the regulatory climate for financial services grows more severe, solutions from Rosslare enable financial services providers to meet tighter regulations while still enjoying scalable growth.
From banking to insurance, and everything in-between, Rosslare secures global financial providers from both physical and digital threats – creating a secure springboard for profitability.

Unique Financial
Services Needs

Financial services providers face one of the most regulated and most competitive markets on the planet. To meet existing and emerging standards and remain in compliance with governmental regulations, financial services providers need uniquely thorough – yet uniquely cost-effective – access control solutions. Financial services providers are seeking:

High-level security and access control including safe and other asset protection
Advanced security features like dual and triple authentication
Interlocking to prevent direct access to rooms, sites and facilities
Multi-site and branch management including remote access
Money transfer vehicle protection
Automatic scheduler for enabling/disabling access
Site/area lockdown option

Rosslare Financial Services
Solutions enable:

MIFARE Desfire® EV1 is recommended by global security consultants for high security projects
MIFARE Desfire® features the largest memory credential on the market with up to 64K
Proejects can manage multiple isolated applications securely on one card
Many international security developers use MIFARE Desfire® for easy integration with third party applications
Fully managed key management platform for customer and end user convenience
Sleek and modern design that fits any environment
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