Securing the
Next Generation
of Healthcare

From small clinics to large hospitals and emergency response centers – Rosslare helps hundreds of global healthcare providers deliver the highest level of care by ensuring that the right people have access to the right areas at the right times.

Healthcare Needs

Healthcare organizations face the unique challenges of providing care while maintaining both physical, data and health security. This requires making policies that improve hygiene, secure equipment from theft, and protect medical stock – while also protecting personal information storage to meet strict regulatory requirements. Healthcare organizations demand:

Solutions for secure and simple access to and management of medical supplies
Advanced door and device interlocking solutions to control access to clean rooms
Solutions that reduce touch points for better infection control, including no-touch access
Comprehensive visitor access management
Full accountability, audit tracing, and comprehensive reporting for pattern analysis and big data that can be exported for regulatory reporting
Full facility control in the event of emergency, evacuation, or lockdown

Rosslare Healthcare Solutions enable:

Integrated multi-credential access control
Comprehensive visitor management
Scheduled facility door automation
Multi-site controller management for thousands readers
Powerful analytics and reporting


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