Advanced Data Center Security

Data center security and access solutions from Rosslare are mitigating damage from cyber threat actors, as well as external and internal threats, for top-tier data centers around the world. Driven by ever-growing network performance and data volume demands, Rosslare helps data center
stakeholders meet the challenges of growth with security through
technologically advanced yet cost-effective solutions.

Unique Data
Center Needs

In the digital age, data centers contain the most valuable assets of organizations and governments alike. As such, they have uniquely pressing and complex security and access challenges. Notably, data centers need to provide full security and control of physical facilities while enabling seamless access to employees, server owners, and service providers. Data center security leaders are seeking advanced access control and security solutions that deliver:

Advanced authentication and user management
Massive scalability to support thousands of readers
Biometric identification – fingerprint and facial recognition
High reliability
Global anti pass back
Complete access report and statistics

Rosslare Data Center Solutions enable:

Dual and triple authentication
Dual-factor authentication
Door interlock
Visitor management
Powerful analytics and reporting
Guard management
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