Enabling the Future of Retail

Rosslare helps brick-and-mortar retailers remain competitive and profitable in the face of growing online and offline competition. With stock shrinkage, cybercrime, and return fraud eating into the bottom line – access control and security solutions from Rosslare have never been more crucial to ensure that retailers have a solid and secure base for continued growth.

Retail Needs

Retailers by definition have a distributed geographic presence and complex and interconnected supplier, employee, and service provider relationships. Physical security and access control for branch stores, parking lots, warehouses and logistics centers – not to mention goods in transport – are an ongoing and serious challenge. To stay ahead of security and ensure future growth, retailers need:

Solutions that effectively secure assets
Streamlined loss and stock shrinkage prevention
Seamless staff and employee management
Centralized branch management
Fully-featured time and attendance management
Multi-site and branch management
Parking management, including dual factor authentication for vehicles and drivers
Visual and video event recording and logging

Rosslare Retail
Solutions enable:

Multi-site management from centralized source
Powerful analytics and reporting
Integrated multi-credential access control
Comprehensive visitor management
Scheduled facility door automation
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