OEM/ODM Services

Rosslare offers top-tier original design manufacturer (ODM) services - designing and manufacturing products which are fully branded for our clients.

We also provide proven original equipment manufacturer (OEM)services - manufacturing products and components that are purchased by our clients and retailed under their brands.

Our ODM services enable our clients to cut time to market and reduce costs of innovative access control and other hardware without the overhead of running their own production facility.

Rosslare’s ODM customers avoid the direct costs of labor, design and manufacturing involved with complex product development and production process – while still enjoying a high-quality, fully-branded end product. Similarly, Rosslare’s advanced and comprehensive OEM services enable our customers to retain full control of design, while we assume end-to-end manufacturing responsibility.

Over the course of 40 years, Rosslare has built a network of direct relationships with certified and strategically-located vendor network around the globe.

Our OEM/ODM services are designed from the ground up to put our customers first - coordinating quick proposals, providing ongoing updates, tracking data and communications to expedite orders, and ensuring a streamlined transition from order to delivery.

Rosslare OEM/ODM services deliver proven time to market, along with technical and costing solutions that are truly best-in-class.

Our OEM/ODM clients benefit from our extensive experience and in-house R&D capability, coupled with our renowned service and support. Technologies offered in our portfolio can be used in various OEM/ODM designs, and we can also provide CAD/CAM, 3D designs and 3D printing to accelerate time to market. Moreover, we offer maximum flexibility, creating endless customization opportunities for our partners and provide a fully integrated solution.


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