AxTraxNG Platform

AxTraxNG is a complete server-client software management platform that enables setting physical access control policy across organizations that is available in multiple languages and date formats. The server manages thousands of networked access control panels and system users. The user-friendly interface is intuitive, reliable and rich in
functionality. With Rosslare’s SDK tool AxTraxNG also leverages easy integration and deployment of various
applications in security, safety, time and attendance and more. AxTraxNG allows the control and monitoring of
every aspect of site access.

The System Features

Rich System and Hardware Management Options, Access Control Policy (Business Logic), System Maintenance, Integrations and Special features
Identity Management of users, information fields, photo, access credentials and user related access policies, from a central server with multiple Workstations (Clients)
Support for different types of user credentials Including Face-ID, Fingerprint, PIN-Codes, RIFD, UHF Tags, NFC-ID, BLE-ID and LPR for vehicles
Production and export of reports from acquired data, Alarm management for operator workflow and a Rules based Automations Engine
Built-in software security with encrypted database protects all private user personal data, access policy rules and logged events for a secure audit trail
Video integration with Rosslare’s Vitrax VMS and with Hikvision and Dahua NVR for access event-based video pop-up and photo snapshot reports

Why AxTraxNG?

Globally market-proven software with tens of thousands of installations
Sophisticated feature set that is easy to manage, install and use
Constantly improved and updated, continuous support and development
Fully scalable, enabling implementation of projects from a single to thousands access points
Easy integration with any third-party software and tools using dedicated SDK
You can choose from a range of Rosslare Control Panels and Expansions

AxTraxNG Architecture Diagram

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