AxTraxPro™ Software

AxTraxPro™ is a robust client-server management software that enables to easily set automated physical access policy across a broad range of facilities. The system includes an intuitive web-based interface that allows system operators to locally or remotely manage their on-premise AxTraxPro™ servers for daily tasks and supports thousands of networked access users and controllers.

AxTraxPro™ is the ultimate end-to-end secured ecosystem thanks to its exceptional performance and scalability. It comes integrated with advanced video management systems and access control components, including controllers, readers, credentials and other peripherals. Also powered by an SDK tool, AxTraxPro™ is easy to deploy, and is ideal for diverse applications such as security, safety, and time and attendance.

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Why AxTraxPro?

Globally market-proven software with tens of thousands of installations
Sophisticated feature set that is easy to manage, install and use
Constantly improved and updated, continuous support and development
Fully scalable, enabling implementation of projects from a single to thousands access points
Easy integration with any third-party software and tools using dedicated SDK
Intuitive and friendly web-based user interface for providing superb user experience
Fully secured ecosystem for ensuring that no one will penetrate the system
You can choose from a range of Rosslare Control Panels and Expansions

System Features

Enhanced access control policies such as access groups, access level, interlock groups, Antipassback and more
User identity management including photo and related access policies and credentials
Web client for on-going local or remote management of the on-premise AxTraxPro™ server
Lockdown groups & immunity configuration and management for monitoring and controlling access rights during emergency events
Secured communication from the credential to the server using MIFARE DESFire, OSDP V2 Secure Channel, and AES-256 encryption
User credentials support including Face-ID, Fingerprint, PIN-Codes, RFID, UHF Tags, NFC-ID, BLE-ID, and LPR for vehicles
Integration with Rosslare Biometric face and fingerprint devices
Generation of reports, Alarm management for operator workflow, and a Rules based Automations Engine
Video integration with Hikvision and Dahua NVR for access event-based video pop-up and photo snapshot reports


AxTraxPro Architecture Diagram

AxTraxPro™ Licensing Packages

Two AxTraxPro™ access control software license packages are available to match the size and requirements of your installations. As your requirements grow, you can easily modify your package by easily upgrading your license.

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