Mobile Credentials SDK

The Rosslare Mobile Credentials SDK offers a quick and cost-efficient way to embed digital mobile keys technology into your existing and future iOS and Android apps, allowing app users to operate seamlessly with Rosslare mobile-enabled access control readers.

Designed for easy integration with your mobile app by adding a few lines of code, the SDK runs in the background and manages the phone’s BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC radio for signaling and communicating with Rosslare readers. App users can immediately connect with Rosslare readers to easily access doors, without needing a physical key.

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Key Features and Advantages

Touchless mobile keys without the need to handle plastic cards
Simple to integrate with API enabling the upgrade of new and existing apps
Cost-effective implementation using iOS and Android development tools
Fully operational with Rosslare mobile-enabled readers
Create convenient, intuitive door operations required by your app users
Works with BLE and NFC communication channels with no prior knowledge needed
Works offline without Internet when communicating with Rosslare readers
Field proven technology that is already in use worldwide

Architecture Diagram


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