Company Name

GoTech Vision Ltd.

GENESYS is advanced command and control platform for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) & IoT
Supported Language:
English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Russian, Kazakh, and any additional language required
Rosslare Development Tool:
User Benefits

Key Advantages:
• Evidence-building and audit
• Automated Response Management
• Highly scalable, Secure, and resilient
• Consolidated Alarm management and prioritization
• Event-driven management and audit reports
• Access to live and recorded video, independent of device and location
• Customizable or template GUI – graphics, video, and audio
• Connects to compliant databases
• Integration with large-scale visual display technologies
• Advanced crisis management capabilities
• Dynamic mapping
• Hosting of third-party applications Standard
• Windows Client-Server Architecture
• Customizable Screen design and Processes
• Simplified role-based interfaces and permissions
• Ensures exact, consistent, and measurable responses
• Reduced training overheads
• Manufacturer and device-independent integration
• Compliant policy and process-driven responses

Key Features

The system monitors many devices and sensors for changes in their state and the events they produce. Once an event is received by the system, it is matched with a set of rules to find the best action. These rules are configurable by the users. A rule can vary from a filter/ignore rule (by time or other criteria, for example, waiting for both motion detection from a camera and alarm events), to a linkage between different devices (e.g., link cameras to a certain motion detector), permissions, different actions (e.g., take snapshot & send by mail) or create a new event on certain criteria (e.g. login to a local working station detected for a user who didn’t arrive to work today).
The event is added to a table that can be sorted by priority, status, date, and device. The user can manage the event in the system, by following a certain workflow (workflows are configurable), adding descriptions and information, and reviewing all the relevant details about it.


Solution architecture


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