Enabling Secure Smart Cities

Rosslare has been delivering smart city solutions to municipalities across the globe since before the term “smart city” became popular. Rosslare offers the access control and security solutions that enable smart cities to better leverage data collected from sensors, devices, assets and people to provide higher-quality and more efficient municipal services.

Smart City Needs

Smart cities are highly-connected cities that face unique security challenges. Data gathered from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, citizens, and other devices or assets can only be relied on if its sources are secure and verified. This means that access to key elements of traffic, parking and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply, waste management, law enforcement, education, healthcare, and other community services needs to be strictly controlled. To effectively function, smart cities require:

Multi-application access control
Easy and scalable personalization of services
Remote access, mobile app and web-based access options
A distributed system with centralized management
Integration with existing video solutions
Remote monitoring and parking management
Full audit trail for critical infrastructure

Rosslare Smart City Solutions enable:

Centralized management
Guard Management
Identity management to assign access, create new users, define parking rights, etc.
Integration with fire alarm for emergencies
Access points automation and scheduler
Integration with existing video and fire alarm systems


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