AxTraxPro™ GraphQL API

AxTraxPro™ GraphQL API is a comprehensive web application programming interface that provides the necessary tools for developers to integrate the AxTraxPro™ into existing 3rd party software, or to develop new security solutions.

AxTraxPro™ GraphQL API provides everything that is needed to develop a perfect solution based on your customers’ needs.

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Key Features and Advantages

Provides all necessary endpoints to control users, credentials, access groups, events and more utilizing the AxTraxPro™ server
A set of GraphQL APIs using JSON formatted data for requests and responses
HTTP request-response protocol between 3rd party client and AxTraxPro™ API
Secured connectivity between 3rd part client and AxTraxPro™ server
Makes complicated operations easy to handle
Easy to use well-documented API including sample codes
Our API comes with documentation accessible via a dedicated website where you can also download a Postman file integration
Constantly updated with continuous support and development

AxTraxPro™ GraphQL API Architecture Diagram


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