Flexible and Secure Parking Access

In a fast-paced society, simple yet secure access to commercial and residential parking areas as well as warehouses is crucial for not only for convenience but also competitive edge.

Ideal for office buildings, residential buildings and gated communities – parking management solutions from Rosslare offer the scalability, affordability, ease of use, and simplicity of installation that turn “good enough” solutions into great ones. Building owners and enterprises can easily integrate existing vehicle management systems with Rosslare’s parking solutions to control and manage parking areas. Vehicle and pedestrian access to both parking areas and building facilities tie into each other for seamless uninterrupted access and movement for permission holders.

Rosslare delivers end-to-end Parking Management solutions including software and a diverse selection of fully integrated hardware components. This significantly enhances both security and convenience for any site or multi-site environment:


Rosslare offers a variety of credential options from simple PIN codes and low frequency RFID cards, through advanced credential options and technologies like license plate recognition (LPR), Smartcards, UHF tags, and mobile credentials. Any combination of these can be used to support multi-factor authentication.


Rosslare enables predefined permissions delineating access per car, driver, location, and timeframe – as well as number of entries and credential validity dates. Users can program their own rules based on organizational policy and easily configure the driver/vehicle rights while ensuring the creation of valuable event logs and audit trails for reporting.

Parking Management Features

Application Diagram

Ultra Long Range Wireless Reader


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LPR recognition

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UHF Hard Tag

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UHF Long range


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LPR Camera

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AxTraxNG Software

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Remote Control


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