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When faced with challenges and indecisions, partnering with Rosslare is the most advantageous and beneficial move you can make! With years of experience in the security and access control domain, systems deployed over five continents and millions of end users on a daily basis, there is always a Rosslare solution available for you.

Vendors that are known as Rosslare Technology Partners provide solutions and apps, that complement the Rosslare offering and enable it to address more complex changes as well as specific industry or vertical needs.

Why should you become
a Rosslare Technology Partner?

Technology synergy and co-innovation - Promote innovation and explore how your application can work seamlessly together with the Rosslare AxTraxPro™ management software. Use our products to create and develop innovative and exciting holistic solutions for your clients
Reduced time to market - Use our development tools, documentation, and solution services to build and validate your combined technology offerings and get your product to market faster than ever
Reach global customers- Benefit from Rosslare’s immense experience, extensive global channel network, and diversified global audience established over decades
Co-marketing/Advertisement – Reach out to Rosslare’s global customers and partners, and offer your solution to a wider audience. Apply to join Rosslare co-marketing program today!

Available development tools


AxTraxPro API   AxTraxNG REST API   Mobile Credentials SDK


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We are super proud of
our technology partners

Professional Services Group

Your custom-made-solutions team of experts

You have the flexibility to choose whether to use and integrate with Rosslare’s development tools on your own or in case you need a custom-made solution, that’s where Rosslare’s PSG – Professional Services Group comes into action, with its experts that will assess your needs and develop it for you. Rosslare is a trusted entity, and we believe in becoming your long-term partner and enhancing your success with our dedicated services.


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